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2016-2017 Officers of Acacia Lodge No.4 A.F. & A.M.

Andrew Johnson Worshipful Master
Matthew Mcgrew Senior Warden
Justin Stein Junior Warden
Charles Higgs, PM Treasurer
Richard Bushaw Secretary
Christopher Larson, PM Chaplain
William Sellers Senior Deacon
Daniel Dammen Junior Deacon
Matthew Johnson Senior Steward
Andrew Rosenbaum Junior Steward
Justin Keintz Tyler
Richard Bushaw Director of Masonic Education
Matthew Mcgrew Instructor in the Ritual
Andrew Johnson Building Board Representative
Neal L. Martin, PM Webmaster
    Living Past Masters Who Are Current Members
    Gerald M. Skogley 1967
    Robert K. Snortland 1970
    Neil C. Rowe, PGM 1972
    Lawrence E. Eickman 1976
    James E. McGuire 1978
    Mark A. Hoffmann 1980
    Charles R. Christenson 1981
    John A. Smith 1983
    Neil J. McCutchan 1986
    Richard A. Nygaard 1988
    Joseph E. Souser 1990
    James W. Donken 1991
    Clifford L. Phelps 1993
    Mark E. Engelstad 1994
    Fred G. Stewart 1996
    Gary M. Spicer 1995, 1997
    John B. Bridewell 1999
    William M. Phelps 2000
    Gary A. Ebel 2002
    Neal L. Martin 2005
    Christopher R. Larson 2006
    Charles R. Higgs 2004, 2008, 2009
    James MrDutt 2010, 2011
    Phillip W. Berg 2013
    Nels Christianson 2014
    Kalin Kresel 2015

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